Transportation Department

Our Transportation Department makes sure our students arrive safely to school and back home again. They are a group of caring individuals who want the best for your child. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office.

Transportation Personnel:

  • Liza Rodriguez - Transportation Director
  • Ramon Armenta – Bus Driver – Country Route, Toltec, AZ City, and Silver Bell Estates
  • Julia Garcia – Bus Driver
  • Armando Guerrero - Part-time Bus Driver 
  • Cathleen Harris – Van Driver
  • Michael Jimenez – Part-time Bus Driver
  • Carol Meza - CAVIT Route
  • Rosedalin Ramos- CAVIT Van Driver
  • Crystal Orozco – Van Driver
  • Izack Salazar - Substitute Bus Driver

A Right or Privilege?

Student transportation is a qualified right dependent upon good behavior. As bus drivers are responsible for the safe operation of the bus, students are responsible for their behavior. Bus and school rules apply.

Students creating a disturbance while riding a school bus may:

  • be dealt with more harshly as the safety of many is at risk;
  • lose riding privileges until a parent conference; and
  • lose riding privileges for a period of time or permanently.


  • students arriving on campus via bus, personal vehicle, or drop-off may not leave campus without checking out through the office; and
  • students riding a bus may be suspended from the bus due to unruly behavior.

For Your Information

  • We require every student who wants to get on a bus to wear his/her student ID.
  • Students receive the bus schedule during registration. It is also available at the district office.
  • In the mornings, we will drop off Santa Cruz students in the bus loop.
  • Buses leave Santa Cruz at 3:20 p.m.
  • Students who ride the bus may wait in the cafeteria, gather in the patio area, or meet with a teacher.
  • Students riding the bus must board at Santa Cruz.
  • If you want to know the school boundaries, please look at our map.