Academics Department

At Santa Cruz Valley Union High School District, we offer our students a top level academic program. SCVUHS students experience classes that are based on the Arizona Academic Standards. Detailed sets of standards cover reading, writing, mathematics, science, and others. Courses that incorporate the state standards are rigorous and demanding. They are designed to prepare students for the challenges they’ll face in college and careers.

Students must demonstrate satisfactory performance by earning a D (60 %) or above in each class to receive credit.

90% or above: Grade A
80%–89%: Grade B
70%–79%: Grade C
69%–60%: Grade D
59% or below: No Credit (NC)

For more information about Santa Cruz Valley Union High School Academics, including graduation requirements, dual credit, early graduation, or guidance counseling, please contact Andrea James at (520) 466-2211

Graduation and University Requirements

In order to graduate from SCVUHS and receive a SCVUHSD diploma, a student must complete 22 credits of study and their Senior Portfolio. Within this consideration, students are required to select either 2 years of the same foreign language or a Career Technical Education Program, which includes CAVIT Programs. All students, in consultation with their families, need to develop a four-year high school plan of studies in order to prepare for college, vocational or technical studies, or the job market. To assist with this planning, review the chart below listing the course requirements for high school graduation.

In addition to these requirements, all students in the graduating class of 2016-2017 and beyond are required to pass the state-mandated Civics Test to graduate.

Senior Portfolio:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • College Entrance Placement Test (ACCUPLACER OR COMPASS)
  • Complete the ASVAB Assessment

Comparison of SCVUHS/Arizona University Requirements

Curriculum SCVUHS Arizona Universities
English 4 4
Mathematics 4 4 (Algebra 1 and higher)
Science 3 3 (Lab Sciences)
Social Studies 3 2
Foreign Language or Career Technical Education Program 2 2 (same language)
Fine Arts or (CTE) Career Technical Education 1 1
Electives 5 0
Total 22 16