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Community Letter

As you are probably aware, Santa Cruz has had a 15% override in effect for a number of years. We have had to ask the voters to approve continuation of this additional funding in the last two election cycles in November 2018 and November 2019. Both times it failed. The November 2019 ballot to continue the override failed to pass by only 14 votes. Even though we plan to ask the voters to support the district having a 10% override in November 2020, I am very sad to report that we still have to reduce our planned 2020-2021 school year override funded expenditures by $150,000 (5%).

To read more about the budget override cuts, we strongly encourage you to read Superintendent Roberts letter in its entirety.

Bookstore Fees

If your child owes a school debt, it must be paid in full before textbooks will be issued to your child for the new school year. If this poses a financial burden, please contact the SCVUHS Bookstore and arrangements for payment may be made.

Santa Cruz still requires a one time textbook deposit of $50. This must be paid at registration before any book will be issued to your child. A one time activity fee of $5 is charged per student and must be paid at the time of registration.

If your child takes PE or art., there are additional fees as well.