SCVUHS District News

The SCVUHS Dust Devils are always up to something new. Visit this page often to see what's happening. You'll find upcoming events as well as the latest news about some of the great things going on at our school.

IXL Tutoring

IXL tutoring is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in room 27 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. There will be an English and a math teacher present on both days to assist students. For bus riders, there will be an activity bus that leaves the high school at approximately 5:45 p.m. Bus riders will need to retrieve an activity bus pass from one of the aforementioned teachers prior to their departure from tutoring.

Winter Dress Code

As we approach the winter months, we allow students to wear the following: jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts that are white, gray, black, or red. We prohibit anything that has profanity, obscenities, sex, drugs, weapons, tobacco, logos, large sections of colors other than white, gray, black, or red, or any inappropriate language or symbols. Students may not cover their heads with hats, stocking caps, hairnets, hoods of jackets, etc. 

Bookstore Fees

If your child owes a school debt, it must be paid in full before textbooks will be issued to your child for the new school year. If this poses a financial burden, please contact the SCVUHS Bookstore and arrangements for payment may be made.

Santa Cruz still requires a one time textbook deposit of $50. This must be paid at registration before any book will be issued to your child. A one time activity fee of $5. is charged per student and must be paid at the time of registration.

If your child takes PE or art., there are additional fees as well.